The mobile power solution for extremes.

The outdoor business requires more and more products capable to operate in extreme conditions. Thanks to digital technologies, which have become a firm part of our lives, portable power generation is becoming essential.

Whether on the summit of a glacier or in the seemingly endless expanse of the desert – with Texenergy the battery never runs flat. As a research and development company Texenergy’s focus is the production of specialist, primary-source off grid personal power generation products utilizing wind, solar and crank technologies. In addition the company develops highly innovative “wearables” incorporating flexible batteries.

Texenergy’s multi-award-winning CEO, Jerry Ranger, brings over 25 years industry knowledge and experience. He is supported by a team of experienced engineers and professors in electrical and mechanical engineering and industrial design. Together they create primary-source power generators empowering explorers and adventurers but also developing countries.

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